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A verandah is a fully roofed structure generally extending along the outside of a house. Whether it is a front verandah, back verandah (often incorrectly referred to as a pergola) or side verandah, Backyard Bliss can design and build one to suit your needs.

A free-standing structure is a Gazebo.

We offer an assortment of roofing options including Colorbond, Polycarbonate, Tiles, and insulated roofing. Backyard Bliss are expert at constructing verandahs that enhance your property and maximise the liveability of your home. Hipped roofs, gable roofs, bullnose roofs, flat roofs or any combination, traditional or modern are all part of our verandah range and we can help you decide what is best for your house.

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Cremin Crt 7


At Backyard Bliss we always try to design a verandah that blends to the existing house. In this situation the original house is in the foreground of the photo and the verandah is to the rear. It is difficult to believe that it was not part of the original structure.


Think up a design and we'll build it for you. This verandah is set over 2 levels with the spa set into the bottom level and a living area above.

Blues Place 004
Trisha Dve 12

A Room Outdoors

Create the whole effect of having another room added to your home without all the cost and headache of an extension. At Backyard Bliss we can make our designs as cozy or modern as you would like them.


No, it's not impossible ... just a little more expensive than your average verandah!

This enclosed swimming area also incorporates a cooking, eating and relaxing area.

Craigieburn 006
Beryl St 4


Limited for space? Even a smaller area can be converted into an outdoor haven where you can put your feet up and relax.


Popular types of roofing are Colorbond and Polycarbonate. Colorbond comes in many colours to blend in with the features of your property and is designed to provide shelter from direct sunlight and hence, heat. Polycarbonate is a clear roofing panel (in various shades) which allows light into your verandah area. At Backyard Bliss we can help you design a roof with the correct ratio of these two products to accomodate your needs. Backyard Bliss can also provide you with insulated roofing which has a clean, flat, ceiling like surface, and is also available in many colours.

Click here to view colour samples of roofing products.

Fairydell Crt 2



The following photos demonstrate just how different your home can look with a face-lift!

The transformations are truly amazing.

        mid_Alfred St 1 before.jpg        mid_Alfred St 1 after.jpg



       Liverpool  - Before        Liverpool - After



        mid_Marguerita before2.jpg        Marguerita - After



        mid_Blumm Rd 4 before.jpg        mid_Blumm Rd 2 after.jpg



        mid_Agnew St before.jpg        mid_Agnew St after.jpg



        mid_Heathmont 3 before.jpg        mid_Heathmont 3 after.jpg



        mid_Hansen St before.jpg        mid_Hansen St after.jpg



        mid_Warburton before.jpg        mid_Warburton after.jpg



        mid_Maple St before.jpg        mid_Maple St after.jpg






A gazebo is a roofed structure, usually, but not necessarily open sided, detached from the main dwelling and located to take advantage of a view or to provide sanctuary from the demands of day to day living. A retreat from which one can observe the world pass by, safe in the knowledge that all is good under the sun.

A gazebo is an ideal vantage from which to observe the growth of plants, pets, partners and children or an ideal location to banish any of the above. A necessity if your child is studying violin or bagpipes and double glazing is available as an option.


  Bond St 2     Nuzum 001                                                       Liverpool 1

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