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Insulated Roofing

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Insulated roofing is a hugely popular and innovative roofing system used extensively throughout Australia. It’s unique three part laminated design achieves many benefits for you, including long spans and a finish that is in a class of its own.

In the summer months the sun regularly heats your roof temperature to 65 degrees and on some occasions even hotter. Traditional steel roofing will allow as much as 75% of re-radiated heat to pass through. Insulated roofing systems significantly reduce heat transmission. In the winter months, condensation is no longer a problem when you are under an insulated roof, so there are no annoying drops of water falling onto your weekend paper as you relax in style all year round.

Manufactured using high tensile BlueScope Steel COLORBOND® steel, with a solid polystyrene core up to 90mm thick, and a COLORBOND® Steel ceiling bonded together to deliver one compact and durable roofing unit.



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See the difference that insulated roofing can make to your home!

   Liverpool - Before      Liverpool - After  Smithacres - Before       Smithacres - After





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