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A carport is a storage area for cars. It differs from a garage in that it is not a fully enclosed space, as a carport is generally open on at least two sides. It can be either attached to the existing house or free-standing.

The most important point to note is that a carport protects your car from the elements and therefore protects your investment. An attached carport can also protect the occupants from inclement weather when entering or leaving the vehicle. A carefully designed carport can also double as an entertainment area, expanding your outdoor living options.

At Backyard Bliss we have a lot of experience in designing and building carports and can work with you to design a carport that will protect your car, improve or enhance the liveability of your home, look good and last for a very long time. All our work is backed by our six and a half year warranty and our reasonable prices include plans and building permits.

From traditional to contemporary, whatever you desire, at Backyard Bliss we can provide the answers. Phone now for a free design and quotation, or use the Enquiry Form on this site to have us contact you for an appointment.



A carport must not only be practical, it must also enhance the appearance of the property. When a carport faces the street it makes a statement about who you are and how much you care about your home.  It can be a feature that adds value to your property or it can be an eyesore that you have to look at every day.  At Backyard Bliss we help you design a carport that is both functional and pleasing to look at.

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Arnold St 001


The design of a carport should be sympathetic to the features of the existing house. The colours should blend and features exhibited in the house design should be reflected in the carport. We help you identify those features and incorporate them into your carport.


This beautiful Dutch Gable roof has been designed to marry in with the existing roof of the house.  It provides a covered area from the car to the front door and being open on three sides, has a spacious feeling to it.  Practical as well as stylish.

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Faraday St 6


The site of your carport is a very important consideration and many factors must be taken into account. At Backyard Bliss we work through the minefield of council bylaws and building regulations to help you achieve a carport that is practical as well as legal.


The size of a carport is critical and is determined by how you need to use it.  It is important that a carport suit your current needs, provide scope for your future requirements and enhance the potential resale value of your property. At Backyard Bliss, we work with you to help define your needs and translate them into a design that best suits you.

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